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Owensboro Diocese Releases Sex Abuse Allegation Numbers

Wikimedia Commons

Sixty-six allegations of sexual abuse have been made against 27 priests in the Diocese of Owensboro since its founding in 1937, according to a statement released by the diocese Monday morning. 

Of those 27 priests, 11 had died by the time the allegations surfaced.  

"It saddens and angers me that we have numbers to report, but unfortunately humanity fails as sin takes root in hearts," Bishop William Medley wrote in the statement. 

Almost all of the accusations stem from incidents of alleged abuse that took place before 2002, the year U.S. Catholic bishops adopted new procedures to protect minors.

Only four incidents are alleged to have taken place since.  In the statement, Bishop Medley said that number suggests the church is doing a better job of protecting children.

The diocese also said it has paid out more than $620,000 in assistance and settlements to victims.

The bishop and communications director could not be reached for further comment on the statement.