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Trump protest mostly peaceful

John Gibson

Hundreds of protesters gathered outside President Trump’s campaign rally in Downtown Evansville. 

Crowd chants “we will remember in November”

About 500 protesters gathered outside the Old National Events Plaza, as Trump attended a fundraiser inside.

Among them was Jacob Lehman of Evansville, who carried a sign praising his military father and the late Senator John McCain…

Credit Steve Burger / WNIN
The woman in the black tank top was led away by police after briefly disrupting the president's speech.

“After everything that Donald Trump has done after John McCain’s death, I’ve become outraged. I can’t stand everything that Donald Trump has done to basically disrespect veterans at this point with his disrespect of John McCain.”

Among the thousands of Trump supporters waiting to enter the rally at the Ford Center was a woman dressed like a “handmaid” from the novel and TV series, The Handmaid’s Tale. Karen Supak said she wanted to respectfully draw attention to women’s issues…

“Well in particular, I’m concerned about the current judicial nominee for the Supreme Court and some of the protections to women’s rights that may be rolled back if that judge were to be seated on the Supreme Court.”

One female protester was arrested inside the Ford Center as the president spoke.

Police broke up a scuffle between two men outside the arena.

Credit John Gibson
Karen Supak of Evansville dressed like a character from The Handmaid's Tale to draw attention to women's issues.