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Protesters expected outside Trump rally

Thousands of Trump supporters are expected to attend the president’s rally inside the Ford Center Thursday evening, while opponents gather outside. 

One of the protests is planned a good distance from the Ford Center, outside Memorial Baptist Church at Walnut and Garvin streets.

Wendy Bredhold is spokeswoman for the rally calledThis is Our Home, These are Our Voices”…

"It's entirely organized by local groups and it's about the issues that impact us."

The rally, which Bredhold calls non-confrontational, is a joint effort of the Sierra Club, Indivisible Evansville, The Tri-State Alliance, and Our Revolution Evansville.

Bredhold told WNIN that attendees can either march to the Trump rally or stay away…

"We're going to start gathering at 4:30, we'll have some speakers at 5:00, and around 5:30 folks who want to will begin to march to the separately-organized protest that will be at 9th and Locust."

Bredhold suggested the president not take the Evansville area for granted…

"One of the things we want to do is show that we don't agree with him on a lot of these issues, despite what his perception may be about southwest Indiana."

Local Democrats are planning the protest on Locust Street.

Another group is planning to dress as handmaids from the book and TV show “The Handmaid’s Tale,” to push for women’s rights.