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Is a pedestrian bridge over the Ohio River possible?

Could one of the Twin Bridges be turned into a pedestrian-bicycle trail? 

Proposals for a new I-69 bridge connecting Evansville and Henderson call for eliminating one or both of the existing Twin Bridges.

But what if one of the twin spans was converted to a foot and bicycle trail?

Dan Prevost (PREE-voh) of the I-69 Ohio River Crossing Team told reporters Monday that taking cars and trucks off one the aging bridges would likely reduce maintenance costs, but he couldn’t say by how much…

 "We haven't run a specific scenario about how much it would cost for just a pedestrian facility but to give a you a point of reference, when we looked at maintaining cars and trucks on those bridges, each of those bridges was about $130 million to maintain them over a 35-year period. Obviously if you remove the trucks from that, that some amount of wear and tear. but it's still going top be a substantial amount of money."

Prevost commented after I-69 ORX announced some tweaks to the three proposed bridge corridors in response to public input.

The refinements would raise the cost of developing the two western alternatives.

The central alternative’s cost would stay about the same. It’s the least expensive of the three proposals.

Officials have said drivers would have to pay tolls on a new I-69 bridge.

Electronic tolls on the recently-built bridges at Louisville range from $2-to-$12.

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