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Mayor cautious on more gaming revenue

John Gibson

Now that Tropicana has opened its land-based casino in Evansville, will the city and county see an increase in gaming revenue? 

The lively 75,000 square-foot casino replaces Evansville’s gaming boat, which opened 22 years ago as the state’s first floating casino.

Tropicana is predicting more revenue with the new casino, but Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke told WNIN the city is not taking it for granted…

("Well, we budgeted it to be flat next year, but that was just to be conservative. We agree with Tropicana that with this new facility, there will be an increase in gaming in Evansville. This is the number one tourist attraction in our community.")

Winnecke says casino money helps pay for public service vehicles...

("Snowplows, firetrucks, police cars, etc. That $12-to-$14 million annually goes a long way to help us make capital purchases that otherwise would be difficult to make.")

Winnecke also said he’s “cautiously optimistic” that LST 325 will move to the spot currently occupied by the now-closed riverboat in about a year.

The Army Corp of Engineers is among the agencies that must sign-off on the plan.

The riverboat is expected to leave as soon as the end of the month and be sold for scrap.

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