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Eclipse less than 3 weeks away


The science director at the Evansville Museum is excited about this month’s total eclipse of the sun. 

Mitch Luman will lead hundreds of people to Hopkinsville, Kentucky on August 21st.

He says the trip sponsored by the Evansville Museum is sold out, as are hotels in the eclipse zone.

Luman says Evansville will get dark on that Monday with 99-percent of the sun blocked by the moon. But he recommends traveling south to see the total eclipse…

(You don't want to wait until the day of to make your plan. Take plenty of snack food and expect delays but definitely try to get to the eclipse.)

The Hopkinsville area will see the longest period of totality: two-minutes, 40-seconds. Madisonville will be in total darkness for one-minute 48-seconds.

Parts of southern Illinois will also top the two-minute mark, including Marion and Carbondale.

Luman says Evansville is less than 7 years away from its own total eclipse…

(We're going to be right under the shadow of the moon in 2024, April of that year, That's the next one with a total of 6 in the next 35 years.)

Eclipse glasses are required to safely look at the sun. They’re available at the Evansville Museum.