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Disabled advocates seeking better access in Arts District

Advocates for the disabled are planning to picket businesses in Evansville’s Arts District Thursday evening.

Gary May of the Evansville Disability Advocacy Group tells WNIN some entrepreneurs in the Haynie’s Corner area are discriminating against people with disabilities.

May says at least one business has no entrance at all for persons in wheelchairs. He says disabled people often have to use a service entrance or wait for trash to be removed.  

May says there is some flexibility within the Americans with Disabilities Act for historic buildings, but as a general rule, establishments must meet federal accessibility requirements.

Scott Schymik (SHIH-mick) owns the restaurant Sauced, which is housed in a building built in 1877.

He tells WNIN the only complaint about access to his restaurant has come from Mr. May.

Schymik says Sauced has installed a ramp, put up appropriate signs, and is adding parking spaces for disabled customers.