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Last-minute early voters wait in long line

Early voting has wrapped up in Vanderburgh County. 

Hundreds of voters were lined up on the second floor of the Civic Center in Downtown Evansville as the noon deadline passed. Everyone waiting in line at noon would get to vote, but some were expecting to wait more than two hours.

I asked the last voter in the queue, Roger Thompson, if it was worth the wait.

He said it was important to him, both as a former military member and an American.

I asked another voter near the back of the line, Katie Miller of Evansville, if she thought something should be done about the wait.

She says more voting machines and voting locations would be nice, but she calls the existing early voting "awesome."

Election Supervisor John Gerrard says early voting turnout was “much stronger than normal.” I asked him if more voting machines would be available for the next presidential election. 

Gerrard said it will be up to the next Vanderburgh county clerk. 

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