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Independence Day celebrated in Ukraine

John Gibson

The people of Ukraine celebrated 25 years of independence from the Soviet Union last week.

WNIN's John Gibson was there as part of an exchange program:

A large band sang and played a harp-like instrument called a bandura before thousands of people in the city square of Lutzk.

I spoke to a man named Michael who remembers the Soviet days. He says he doesn't fear Russia despite its annexation of Crimea and Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine.

He says he has "high confidence" that the U.S. will help Ukraine. He says he doesn't trust the European Union.

I also spoke to a 24-year-old woman named Marie, who was born after Ukraine gained independence from the Soviets. She's looking for peaceful progress.

She says Ukraine must stay independent and improve its infrastructure to keep young people from moving to other countries.

As Lutzk celebrated with music and a street festival, the celebration in capital Kiev included a large military parade.

Credit John Gibson
People in Lutzk, Ukraine enjoy a street festival while celebrating 25 years of independence from the Soviet Union.