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Meth, firearms seized in drug probe

A seven month investigation into methamphetamine trafficking has resulted in charges against 17 people on meth and firearms charges.

Representatives from several local, state and federal agencies made the announcement during a news conference Tuesday afternoon in Evansville.  All but one of the people has been arrested.  Assistant U.S. attorney Lauren Wheatley says the drug ring they’re breaking up was here because of high demand.

“Evansville has a problem. Evansville has a drug problem. As you can see, a number of these defendants are from California. They have no ties to Evansville, other than to sell large amounts of methamphetamine to the residents of Evansville.”

U.S. Attorney Josh Minkler says their investigation also gave them a lot of useful information on the operations of drug dealers. During their investigation, over 23 pounds of methamphetamine, several thousand Ecstasy pills a number of firearms and tens of thousands of dollars in cash were seized.

Those indicted include:

  • Tavares Clay, 34, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Michael Lockridge, 30, Evansville
  • Cederick Baker, 40, Evansville
  • Joshua Wilson, 24, Evansville
  • Kenneth Ware Jr., 30, Evansville
  • Lamario Denton, 29, Evansville
  • Brandi Addison, 31, Evansville
  • Jayshon Clay, 21, San Bernardino, California
  • Rick Davis, 28, Inglewood, California
  • Artisha Howard, 35, Los Angeles, California
  • Terrance Walker, 40, Evansville
  • Adrian Davison, 42, Evansville
  • Rashad Robinson, 40, Evansville
  • Joshua Jacobs, 29, Evansville
  • Tanner McCoy, 36, Evansville
  • James Mitchell, 36, Evansville
  • Eugene Maxwell, 26, Evansville

Wheatley says most of those indicted face sentences of ten years to life, if convicted.