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WNIN continuing coverage of a federal lawsuit against the University of Evansville and former theater professor Scott Lank for alleged racial and sexual harassment.

Notre Dame professor to discuss race at UE

An anthropology professor from Notre Dame visits Evansville on Monday to talk about race. 

The address from Professor Augustin Fuentes at the University of Evansville is titled “What Race Is and What It Is Not.”

For starters, Fuentes tells WNIN that race is not biological. But he says it’s an important social issue. 

He says people automatically classify people as white, black, Asian, or Latino among others, but there's not enough talk about how to deal with racial issues.

Fuentes says the election of the first African-American U.S. president was a “huge move forward,” but it also highlighted what he calls “deep divisions and mistrust” in our society.

Still, Fuentes says he’s optimistic about the future of racial issues, citing more “blending” and “movement” among college students.

Fuentes speaks Monday evening at 7:00 in UE’s Schroeder (SHRAY-der) School of Business.

You can hear John Gibson's complete interview with Professor Fuentes here...

You can hear John Gibson's complete interview with Notre Dame Professor Augustin Fuentes here.