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Imam Omar Atia on becoming one by elevating each other, the Muslim community and ISIS

Omar Atia. LinkedIn

Imam Omar Atia talks about how the Muslim community has, repeatedly, condemned ISIS but not many people seem to notice.

“I think every other sermon I’ve given, for instance at the Islamic Center, has been talking about how contradictory to the (Muslim) faith something ISIS has done has been.” Atia said.

Imam Atia is co-founder of the “Reclamation Studios” initiative. This initiative is to combat the negative message ISIS sends against and to the Muslim community and the youth.

“Muslims talk about it all the time. That these guys are not us. (We) are shocked that people can believe that’s Islam.” Atia said.

He hopes to start a change of thoughts on what religion and unity is and help clear the message ISIS has taken out of context from the Qur’an.

His upcoming presentation “One Community, One Message” will be at the Jewish Temple in Evansville, Sunday, June 14th.

Atia has been a community activist and motivational speaker for many years. Before coming to the Islamic Center of Evansville, he led youth and community development efforts in Indianapolis, Indiana; Chicago, Illinois; and Cincinnati, Ohio. 

He graduated from Purdue University with a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering and a master's in interdisciplinary engineering. He has completed courses with the Islamic American University towards bacherlor's in Islamic studies. 

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