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Winnecke disappointed in med school funding

Mayor Lloyd Winnecke says he’s disappointed that an Indiana Senate budget proposal offers less money for the planned IU School of Medicine in Evansville.

The two-year spending plan approved by the Republican-controlled Senate Appropriations Committee calls for $25 million in bonding authority for IU to build the school, with $19 million coming from the state.

That’s down from the House proposal, which provided $36 million in bonding, with $29 million coming from state coffers.

Evansville and local education officials are seeking almost $50 million for the project, so partner institutions like Ivy Tech and USI can move programs to the new campus.

Mayor Lloyd Winnecke tells WNIN News that the budget process is not over yet, and he will continue to push for full funding of the med school. He says if all the money doesn’t come through this session, the project can be built in phases.

House and Senate leaders have until April 29th to reach a budget agreement.