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Princeton cafe buzzing with chatter about presidential visit

Cass Herrington

The City of Princeton is buzzing with talk about Obama’s visit in Gibson County.

Farmer’s Daughter Bakery and Café is known for its focaccia and local farm-raised ingredients, but this week, it seems patrons are mainly talking about the potential for a high-profile diner to visit tomorrow, President Barack Obama.

Here’s restaurant owner Sarah Wolfe.

“People seem to looking for him here," Wolfe said. "He is certainly welcome if he would like to.”

It’s not unusual for the President to make a food stop. He ordered fried chicken at a Soul Food restaurant during a speaking engagement in Detroit, and he’s known to have a craving for pizza. Perhaps this more health-conscious offering would be an inviting change, likely backed by his healthy-food-loving First Lady Michelle Obama.

“When it comes to what’s on his plate, he should come here,” Wolfe said.

But not all Princeton residents are thrilled about his visit.

“It really doesn’t mean anything, the political machine is outside the normal person’s reach,” said Kyle Johnson, CEO of Onsite OHS and a regular at Farmer’s Daughter.

Johnson said the working class, like those in the manufacturing industry, feel alienated by the President’s policies.

“I think everybody does, that’s why the disapproval ratings are so high,” Johnson said.

Wolfe says she’s been hearing much of the same sentiment from her patrons.

“Watching people on the ground has been really interesting. I’ve heard some people say he would not be welcome in this place, others say you should respect the office," Wolfe said. "Or a lot people think it’s just a big pain, which is unfortunate.”

Whether he makes a stop at her place or not, Wolfe says she’ll be ready for a crowd.

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