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Guitarist shares 'Spain's gift' with Owensboro

Cass Herrington

A classical guitarist from Barcelona is making a stop in Owensboro on his U.S. tour to honor the different genres influenced by the Spanish instrument.

Local non-profit, Education and Cultural Advancement for Latinos, invited guitarist Maestro Francesc de Paula Soler to perform in celebration of Hispanic Heritage month. EDUCA spokeswoman Claudia Peña said his performance is designed to recognize the rich diversity within distinct Latino and Hispanic communities, EDUCA spokeswoman  said.

"We want the Latino and wider community to know more about the music and different things we have in our culture," Peña said. "Soler obviously speaks the language, and his music is the most amazing thing, he plays beauty."

Soler says Spain's influence in the Americas can be seen inside many homes, where a guitar is on display.

"It was Spain's gift to the New World," Soler said.

Maestro Soler is trained in classical Spanish music, but he will bring a variety of genres to his performance in Owensboro. He says, he intends to showcase the presence of the guitar in regional music, like tangos and sambas, while celebrating the unique flavors of each Hispanic country's music.

The concert is Friday at Woodland United Methodist Church at 7:00pm.

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