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Bill Takes Aim At Teacher Unions, Adding Extra Steps To Collect Dues


Teachers may be required to take extra steps to pay union dues if a bill discussed Wednesday becomes law. It’s the only paycheck deduction that would have new requirements, and the Indiana State Teachers Association says it singles out and attacks them. 

If the bill becomes law, this summer teachers would have to start signing a form to allow union dues to be taken from their paychecks. The school would then have to confirm each decision via email. Employees would then have to repeat the process each year, while simultaneously being informed of their right to not be in a union on the form in large, bold font. 

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Advocates say it would prevent teachers from having dues deducted without their knowledge or being coerced or bullied into joining the union against their will.

But those in opposition like Shawn Christ of the Indiana AFL-CIO say that’s simply not happening.

“It almost makes it seem like we’re lining people up outside the building and beating them up with baseball bats to sign these cards,” he said. “That is anything further from the truth.”

The senate committee did not take a vote on the bill. Some senators suggested it was politically motivated rather than policy driven and expressed dismay that the issue was being discussed instead of raising teacher

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