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Nonprofit Association Fosters Community Among Hispanic STEM Students

TheSociety of Hispanic Professional Engineers, or SHPE, is connecting with high school and college students, and helping them prepare for possible job opportunities. 

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Hispanic STEM students in Indiana say the nonprofit association helps them find support and feel more "at home."

Karen Santos lives in Indiana and attends the Ohio State University. She said associations like these are important to foster community among students and support each other.

"Unfortunately, the Hispanic population is not as large in areas of the Midwest, so really when it comes to these regions and serving your familia is all about who’s in your circle and how you can really make sure that they’re growing together," Santos said.

Santos is the regional representative for the Midwest chapter of SHPE and studies Industrial & Systems Engineering. She attended the association’s recent virtual convention, where she networked with companies like Apple for job opportunities.

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