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U.S. Sen. Todd Young Wants To Add 65 Judges To Federal Bench


U.S. Sen. Todd Young (R-Ind.) wants to add 65 judges to federal courts across the country. And he said his proposal isn’t about politics – it’s about solving an “emergency” situation.

Young said courts around the country are overloaded with cases – 15 percent of pending cases at the federal level are more than three years old. And that’s what his bill to add 65 judges to the federal bench is aimed at.

Young emphasizes that his measure isn’t meant to be partisan, which is why his proposal spaces out when the judges would be added.

“Trying my very best to take any politics out of this," Young said. "So, 34 of these judges would be filled in 2021 and 31 would be filled in 2025.”

Young acknowledged the current fight over President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee will likely make getting his bill passed more difficult. But he said he’s actively seeking Democratic co-sponsors.

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