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State Exploring Impact Of New Federal Eviction Moratorium

Indiana is evaluating how Hoosiers will be affected by the recent eviction moratorium issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The federal moratorium is effective until the end of December. Indiana Housing and Community Development Executive Director Jacob Sipe said there are several criteria people must meet in order to avoid evictions.

First, people have to at least apply for as much governmental assistance as possible. Second, the moratorium only applies to people who will make less than $99,000 this year or $198,000 for those filing jointly.

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Sipe said people have to affirm – under penalty of perjury – that they can’t make a full rent payment because of loss of income.

“It could be a layoff or it could be an extraordinary, out-of-pocket medical expenses that the household may have experienced, as well,” Sipe said.

The moratorium only applies if people are doing their best to make at least partial rent payments. And lastly, people can still get evicted unless they have nowhere else to go besides something like a homeless shelter.

Contact reporter Brandon at bsmith@ipbs.org or follow him on Twitter at @brandonjsmith5.

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