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Green Party Calls For Arrests In Booker Case


The Green Party of Monroe County is calling for arrests to be made in the assault case of Vauhxx Booker.

Video taken on July 4th shows several men assaulting Booker, who is black.  One of them called for a noose.

State and local Green Party officials, along with the group Freedom First, say they are concerned no arrests have been made in the case.

“We know they could be arrested and charged, we know that it’s on camera, it’s videotaped there’s witnesses, there’s strangers that came up and videotaped it,” Monica James, the Green Party’s Diversity Chair said.

James and others also asked Monroe County leaders and residents to acknowledge the county’s history of racial bias.

“I think that most of our problems, whether it’s going to be with law enforcement or the commissioners, or the council, it’s got to start with sensitivity training, you have to be able to see what people in our community are dealing with,” Green Party County Commission Candidate Randy Paul said.

Paul added that he would favor mandatory racial sensitivity training for elected officials.

The Green Party and Freedom First also called on state leaders to strengthen the state’s hate crimes law originally passed last year.