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Study Will Assess Use Of Therapy In Advanced Cancer Patients

A federal grant to an Indiana researcher will fund the study of a type of therapy for late-stage cancer patients that focuses on improving quality of life. 

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is often used to treat mental health and chronic pain conditions. This study will explore its use in patients who have advanced cancer diagnoses.

IUPUI associate professor of psychology Catherine Mosher will lead the research. She says the intervention uses principles of mindfulness and meaningful activities.

"But to help them live life fully, alongside the symptoms and other challenges they are facing," says Mosher. "In other words we reduce the negative impact of their symptoms on activities that are meaningful to them."

The therapy will be delivered via telemedicine. 

"Identifying one’s values and general life directions that matter to a person and then using these values as a guide to goals and daily activities," says Mosher. 

The National Cancer Institute granted $1.7 million for this study of breast and gastrointestinal cancer patients. 

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