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Brinkerhoff-Riley Steps Down as Council VP

Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley has relinquished the position of Vice President of the Evansville City Council. 

The council conducted a closed-door session Thursday to discuss Brinkerhoff-Riley’s conduct, and then held an open meeting. She did not attend either session, opting instead to release a video statement, saying she was stepping down as VP.

The Council approved Brinkerhoff’s resignation as Vice President on an 8-to-0 vote. President John Friend told reporters that he wants to move on to the city’s business.

Council President John Friend responds to Brinkerhoff-Riley's resignation.

Brinkerhoff-Riley shared those feelings. She says she wants to get back to work for residents of the Third Ward.

Brinkerhoff-Riley resigned after secretly recording a conference with city leaders and state auditors, sharing it with others, and eventually releasing it on her campaign website.

The council will choose a new VP at its June 9th meeting.