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Storytelling event highlights dark history lesson

Steve Burger


 In March of 2014, in a former recycling center in Morganfield, Kentucky, story teller Mark Lamb sought to answer the question of whether recycled local history, delivered through the filter of almost 60 years time, can lead to understanding and acceptance.

One of the stories Lamb told was about the desegregation of Sturgis, Kentucky High School. Lamb's father, a teacher and basketball coach at the school, was instrumental in the change. 

Lamb is an experienced storyteller and Moth Story Slam winner. but he tells his stories in New York and other places. In this case, there were relatives of key players in the audience.  What happens when you speak hard truths in the place where such a fundamental clash of cultures occurred?

Here is a feature story on a storytelling and music event, recorded by WNIN-FM for our Regional Voices series. More on the integration of Sturgis High School.