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Is There Any Evidence of Ancient Aliens?

The History Channel

USI and UE are conducting a lecture to refute claims by a popular TV show

UE and USI are co-hosting an event in Downtown Evansville this week, tackling so-called “ancient aliens.” WNIN’s John Gibson has a preview:

USI’s World Languages and Cultures Department and UE’s Department of Archaeology have joined forces for a lecture called Ancient Aliens: A Joke That Really Isn’t Very Funny.

The TV show Ancient Aliens argues there’s good evidence that space aliens interacted with ancient human societies and continue to be active here on Earth.

Experts say claims made on the program have been shown repeatedly to be wrong and far-fetched.

You can learn more about what the experts call pseudo archaeological claims during the event Thursday evening from 6 to 7:30 at the Stone Family Center for Health Sciences at 6th Street and Bob Jones Way.

The event will be held inside Smythe Auditorium.