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How to Safely Watch the Eclipse by Boat


The Coast Guard has advice for eclipse watchers on the water

Many people are expected to check out the April 8th eclipse from the water. WNIN’s John Gibson reports the Coast Guard is reminding boaters to stay safe:

The Guard says be sure to file a float plan – tell friends or family where you’re going and when you plan to return.

Also, notify them if you change your plan mid-voyage.

Another tip: don’t forget to use your boat’s navigation lights. You will need them to stay safe when the sky darkens.

Take along a marine radio. The guard says cell phones are a good backup but they can be unreliable and run out of battery power.

Also, always wear a life jacket.

And whether you’re watching the eclipse from land or on water, wear approved solar eclipse glasses.

Glasses can only be removed during totality -- when the sun is completely obscured by the moon.