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Bucshon Calls McCarthy Removal "Frustrating"


The 8th District Representative cites "extreme minority" of GOP

8th District Representative Larry Bucshon was among the majority of Republicans who voted to keep Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House. WNIN’s John Gibson reports:

Bucshon says he stood with McCarthy and blamed what he called an

“extreme minority” of House Republicans who chose to join House Democrats to remove the speaker.

Bucshon called the vote “extremely frustrating.”

He said Republicans in the House should be working to pass a dozen appropriations bills that he says cut spending, secures the southern border, and holds the Biden Administration accountable.

Instead, Bucshon says the party is taking its “eye off the ball” and derailing its conservative agenda.

McCarthy has said he won’t run for speaker again. His selection took 15 rounds of votes over four days in January.