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Mesker Welcomes First Penguin Chick

Mesker Park Zoo
This penguin chick was born April 2nd at Mesker Park Zoo and Botanic Garden

The zoo plans to conduct a naming fundraiser

Mesker Park Zoo & Botanic Garden is celebrating its first penguin hatching. WNIN’s John Gibson has the story:

Zoo officials say the chick hatched Sunday, April 2nd, to the proud parents of Adrian and Chirrida.

Staff members are checking the young bird’s weight and growth every day, and making sure everything is progressing.

Mesker says the parents and the chick are in a nest that can be seen from the visitors area, but the parents will likely keep the chick under close watch and in the nest box for the time being.

Officials say penguin chicks have to grow into their waterproof feathers and take swimming lessons from keepers before they can swim successfully.

That process can take about 3 months.

A blood test will determine the chick’s gender and Mesker says it will conduct a naming fundraiser.

Photos of the young bird can be seen at news.wnin.org