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Berry Makes Attached Bottle Caps for Coke


The deal with Coca-Cola in Europe follows an EU directive

Berry Global has announced a new partnership with the world’s biggest soda bottler. WNIN’s John Gibson has the story:

The Evansville-based company says it’s the first plastic packaging manufacturer to supply Coca-Cola with lightweight, tethered caps for its soft drinks in Europe.

Berry says the deal follows a European Union directive for caps to remain intact with the bottle – making it less likely to be littered and more likely to be recycled.

Berry says more than 400 million closures have been successfully applied on Coca-Cola bottling lines in Germany, Spain, and the UK.

The rollout is expected to continue at Coke’s other European plants.

Berry Vice President Thierry Bernet says the so-called PET bottles are the most recycled plastic package type, and the deal has tremendous potential to help the environment.