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ISP Offering 'Valuable Insights' on Careers: Trooper Hiring Seminar December 17

NOV 22 ISP hiring seminar-1.jpg
Physical Training (PT) is an optional part of the ISP Trooper Hiring Seminars. This was during a recent seminar in Indianapolis.

Indiana State Police will give interested applicants and families a chance to meet personnel and even try some physical training

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The next Indiana State Trooper class begins training in July 2023. To prepare applicants for the process … the I-S-P is holding several Trooper Hiring Seminars throughout the state this season. A seminar will be held in Evansville on December 17. WNIN’s Tim Jagielo has details.

An Indiana State Police (ISP) Hiring Seminar will be held December 17 at the CK Newsome Center, while the Evansville ISP facilities are being renovated.

Potential troopers and their families are invited to learn what they might be in for, if they apply. The next trooper class starts in July 2023.

“So we open these things up to families, they're gonna get to meet a variety of troopers from HR from the local districts,” said Sergeant Seth Rainey, who handles recruiting in southern indiana. “But our goal is to best prepare that applicant how to be successful in our hiring process.”

“We’re offering valuable insights,” he said. “We're gonna go through the complete process, what to expect — a police hiring process is lengthy.”

Potential applicants will learn everything they can expect through the hiring process such as how long it takes — which is up to six months — and even the physical requirements.

“We also do a brief PT with the participants, if they want to, we'll go over some of the protocols of our testing, when it comes to the physical requirements demonstration, we'll have a workout that's totally optional.”

NOV 22 ISP hiring seminar-2.jpg
Indiana State Police
The classroom session of a recent Trooper Hiring Seminar in Indianapolis.

He said the seminar also counts as credit during the hiring process.

These seminars are multi-purpose for the ISP. Of course they prepare recruits for the hiring process, but Rainey says it also serves to improve the number of applicants for their recruitment pool — which is naturally larger because they’re a statewide agency.

“… we can draw from a large applicant pool. But the last couple years has been, I think, kind of tough for everybody in hiring, not just in the ‘sworn’ personnel like for police. But I think also in the civilian world.”

In his opinion police specifically have had a difficult time hiring over the last few years. In his opinion, due to news coverage of tragedies such as the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. The other factor is of course the pandemic.

Still, Rainey hopes to build relationships with applicants as they become recruits and possibly state troopers later on.

ISP SGT Seth Rainey.jpg
Indiana State Police
Sgt. Seth Rainey