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Deaconess: Healthy Choices Can Be Found At Fall Festival


About 10% of the food booths offer "Wise Choices"

Local dieticians say not all the food for sale at the Fall Festival are bad for you. WNIN’s John Gibson has details:

It’s been said that if it can be deep-fried and put on a stick, you can find it on W. Franklin St. during the Nut Club’s big event.

But dieticians at Deaconess Health have deemed 28 items at 13 food booths as “wise choices.”

The criteria for “wise choice” entrees is 500 calories or less, five grams or less of saturated fat, and 750 micrograms or less of sodium.

Sides and snacks can have no more than 500 micrograms of sodium.

The items can be found at booths with the green and blue “wise choice” sign.

A printable menu can be found at deaconess.com/wisechoice