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Mesker Zoo Mourning Loss of Male Jaguar

Mesker Park Zoo/Facebook

Cuxtal was 18, came to Mesker in 2008

Mesker Park Zoo and Botanic Garden has announced the death of a jaguar. WNIN’s John Gibson reports:

The zoo says its male jaguar named Cuxtal passed away after an exam conducted under anesthesia.

On its Facebook page, zoo officials said a post mortem showed the jaguar had severe kidney disease and lymphoma of the liver and spleen.

Cuxtal was 18-and-a-half years old, which is about the average life expectancy for jaguars under human care. The zoo says he had a “long and fulfilling life” at Mesker.

Cuxtal came to Evansville in 2008 from the Milwaukee County Zoo and was introduced to Mesker’s female jaguar, Beliza. They produced two female cubs in 2009.

Cuxtal’s keepers remember him as a lovable and playful boy, with his favorite enrichment items being barrels.

Beliza remains on display. Mesker says jaguars are a solitary cat species, so it’s normal for her to be by herself.