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Friends, Fans Remember Poet Bill Sovern

Event at Bokeh Lounge honored "Hoosier Bill" after fatal crash

An Evansville poet is remembered during a tearful celebration. WNIN’s John Gibson was there:

"Look at all of you. Look at you!"

Gracie Strange is a longtime friend of Bill Sovern, who succumbed to injuries over the weekend suffered in a recent traffic crash.

She was impressed by the big crowd that turned out to honor Sovern at Bokeh Lounge, where he frequently read (red) and performed.

A recording was played Tuesday night:

"I need word. Words to say this, words to say that, words to say the other. Words, words, words. Last time I looked I didn't have the words, last time I looked, I couldn't find the words, last time I looked, the words weren’t there.”

Sovern was rarely at a loss for words and Strange offered another of his works, presumably set on Evansville’s riverfront:

"5:30 a.m., lightness cascades around Crescent City Bend, the coffee brown water swirling to the echoes of a lost generation of riverboat travelers."

William Sovern – sometimes called “Hoosier Bill” – was 73 years old.