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EWSU Water Changes

Ville Heikkinen/Getty Images/iStockphoto
Water tap. Photo from Finland.

If, starting on August 15th, the water from the tap doesn’t smell or taste the same, it isn’t in your head or a symptom of a virus. EWSU officials are letting the public know that it is a side effect of some changes to the water treatment process.

Throughout the year chemicals are used to keep water mains clean. But every few months, the chemicals switch between Chloramine and something called Free Chlorine. On August 15th the more potent disinfectant Free Chlorine will be used for several weeks.

Officials say by periodically switching chemicals, this keeps harmful bacteria from forming a resistance to a single disinfectant.

While the water may smell and taste a little different – similar to the smell of a swimming pool, officials say it is safe to drink.

For WNIN News, I’m Sarah Kuper.