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Gibson County Fair: One of the Biggest and Oldest Local County Fairs is Running Now

Posey, Warrick and Henderson County Fairs all this next week; Vanderburgh in late July

The Gibson County Fair in Princeton is going on right now, with activities all week until Saturday the 16th.

The full schedule of events are listed on their website.

The fair opens at 9 a.m. and the entrance is free until 2 p.m. The last event starts at 8 p.m., except Saturday when the Circus Comedy Sideshow starts at 8:30.

Charles Woodruff is vice president of the Gibson County Fairgrounds. He said if you haven’t visited in a while, you might not know about the extensive improvements they’ve made to the facilities.

“We've made over $4.5 million worth of improvements here to Gibson County Fairgrounds," Woodruff said. "(We) replaced all the concession stands and the 4H Exhibit Hall is, instead of a barn, it's actually a nice hall now. And then we have the capacity of 700 people in the Toyota Event Center. It's a major change if you haven't been here in the last five years.”

Woodruff says they’ve added a comedy side show this year, and that their fish sandwiches are always popular.

His favorite thing about the fair is seeing guests enjoy themselves.

“In my opinion, the most important thing is that the kids come out and have fun,” Woodruff said. “The payoff for me when we do all the work out here, when you see the smile on the kids' faces, enjoying the fairgrounds, the rides, the food."

"Gibson county fairs been is one of the one of the biggest fairs in southwest Indiana," he said. "It's been around since 1852. It was first was held on the courthouse lawn."

Aside from the very important 4H activities, on Thursday you can catch the motocross practice and competitions. These are just a few highlights from the packed schedule.

Daily admission is $8 per person, per day.
Includes free parking, grandstands and Shuttle Bus ride.

Go to gibsoncountyfair.com for more information.

Gibson County is the first of the five local fairs coming this month. Warrick, Posey and Henderson County Fairs start in earnest on Monday.

The 2022 Vanderburgh County Fair starts July 25. WNIN will have individual coverage for each.

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Ryan Scott
The Gibson County Fairgrounds
4H Barrel Racing Competitions were held earlier this week.