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June Consumer Recalls Include Headache Meds, Children's Toys, more than 20 others

Recall screen grab_Mahindra.jpg
This ATV is being recalled for issues such as stuck throttles or a non-functioning no-seatbelt cutoff. Some recalls lead to returning the product. This Mahindra is brought in for repairs.

Indiana Attorney General's Office publishes monthly recall lists from statewide and national complaints

The Office of Attorney General Todd Rokita takes complaints on faulty consumer goods from all over the state.

These monthly Consumer Alert lists tend to have between 15 and 25 items, with hyperlinks to offer more details on why something was recalled.

This past month for example, several over-the-counter medications were recalled, such as Kroger Brand Acetaminophen, for lack of child safety packaging or clothes like Target brand children's sleepwear for failing federal fireproof standards.

There was also Spirit Halloween black lights that can cause fires, a side-by-side ATV with bad brake and throttle systems and an ice-maker with a plastic arm that can break off into forming ice cubes.

Rokita said it was also a heavy month for children’s toys.

“We're seeing one children's toy in violation of the federal lead paint standard,” Rokita said. “We're seeing in another, a choking hazard. And we're seeing an electric bicycle whose mudflap was mounted too close to the wheel such that it can get caught up in the wheel and flip the person over the handlebars.”

To produce these lists Rokita’s office also works with federal agencies as well as manufacturers themselves.

“The good company, so to speak, want the help, they want the cooperation, they want to be able to participate, so they can get a truly dangerous product off the market, as well, because they don't want to hurt anyone, either,” he said. “And they certainly don't want the liability for it.”

Rokita says if someone has an item on the list they’ll be able to return it, and If they’ve been hurt by an item they can file a complaint with their consumer protection division.

Go to in.gov/attorneygeneral and click "consumer protection."

Some items from the June 2022 list:
Lidocaine Topical Anesthetic Cream from Mohnark Pharmaceuticals, Walgreens Brand Acetaminophen from Aurohealth, Kroger Brand Aspirin and Ibuprofen from Time-Cap Labs, Kroger Brand Acetaminophen from Aurohealth, Kroger Brand Acetaminophen from Sun Pharma, Microwavable Bowl Holders from DEMDACO, refrigerators from Frigidaire and Electrolux, pajama sets from Target, Aflac Plush Promotional Ducks from Communicorp, children’s toys from Jungle Jumparoo, Activity Loops Toys from The Manhattan Toy Company, electric bicycles from Brompton Bicycle, black light fixtures from Spirit Halloween, treadmills from Nautilus, Intimidator and Mahindra Utility Vehicles from Intimidator, bottom freezer, french door refrigerators from Hisense USA, Backcountry Access Avalanche Transceivers from Elevate Outdoor Collective.