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Non-profit Coordinator: "In An Ideal World Our Organization Would Not Need to Exist"

Nourish Food Buying Club coordinator Tom Zeta shares insights on food access, nutritional insecurity and self-reliance at the table

As food prices continue to climb, the Nourish Food Buying Club is helping members stretch their food dollars while providing access to high-quality meats, fresh produce, and pantry staples.

The club is a program of local not-for-profit Urban Seeds, and is open to anyone who wants to join.

Listen to Peggy Pirro's conversation with Tom Zeta, Nourish Coordinator, as they discuss food deserts, community collaborations, and a versatile, budget-friendly recipe for red beans and rice.

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Tim Jagielo
Betty Miller, left, and Kathy Bartlett re-package bulk sausage patties for meat bags for the Nourish food program, Thursday June 2 at Trinity Methodist Church in Evansville.