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Red Cross Helps Tornado Victims; You Can Too

Dozens of Red Cross Workers and Volunteers are in Western Kentucky

The American Red Cross is on the ground in tornado-ravaged western Kentucky. WNIN’s John Gibson reports:

Theo Boots is executive director of the Southwest Indiana chapter of the Red Cross.

She told the Newsmakers program on WNIN TV that the storms required a major effort:

"We have right now 180 on the ground, we have 200 in route coming from all over the country. The Evansville airport is the secondary airport so people are flying into Evansville and they're driving to the destination that they need to go to."

Boots also told host Tom Langhorne there are a number of ways to help the tornado victims:

"At redcross.org/tristatecares if you'd like to give to that. Or you can always go to 1-800-red-cross or redcross.org. And then, really take the time to consider volunteering for your Red Cross"

Boots said persons interested in volunteering can enroll in training and be ready to help in future disasters.

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