Two Main Street

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Two Main Street with David James is WNIN's flagship public affairs program in our new home on Evansville's riverfront. Please enjoy the lively one on one interviews conducted by one of the area's most well known journalists.

Two Main Street- Ann Komis

May 31, 2018
Tommy Housman

There is probably only one person in the world who could get 14 News icon Ann Komis out of retirement long enough to conduct an interview. David James is that person. Things you never knew, things you will recall fondly and a wild airplane ride to disperse the ashes of weather legend Marcia Yockey. They're all on tap when these two old friends got together recently for a chat.

Two Main Street- Girl Scouts

May 24, 2018
Tommy Housman

Enjoy the conversation as David talks leadership, challenge and of course, cookies with local Girl Scout leaders and a scout whose international project helped out people in Haiti.

Two Main Street- At the movies with Ted Haycraft

May 18, 2018

David and local movie reviewer Ted Haycraft discuss some of the best movies you've probably never heard of, and plenty that you know and love.

Two Main Street- Erin Gibson

May 10, 2018
Steve Burger / WNIN

Evansville's Mesker Park Zoo and Botanic Garden has had two elephants in its collection over the years- Kay and Bunny. While we know what happened to Bunny, there is a mystery about the zoo's first elephant. USI journalism instructor Erin Gibson has solved the mystery in a documentary film.