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Two Main Street with David James is WNIN's flagship public affairs program in our new home on Evansville's riverfront. Please enjoy the lively one on one interviews conducted by one of the area's most well known journalists.

Cass Herrington

Local musicians and music enthusiasts are connecting with listeners in some surprising ways. We'll hear how various educational programs in the area are catering to students' respective stages of development.

First, we’ll hear from Monte Skelton, a local jazz musician and elementary school music teacher. Skelton took music classes through the Evansville public school system, but it was one music education outreach program in the first grade that inspired him to pick up the saxophone. And nearly 20 years later, he's still jamming.

Steve Burger

On this live episode of The Trend, three experts joined us in the studio to answer calls from listeners in the Tri-State.

Nibby Priest manages Vaughn Insurance Agency Co. in Henderson, Ky. He is also a registered insurance agent for Kynect, Kentucky's state health insurance marketplace. 

Jamie Bruce is the chief development and marketing officer at MDWise, a non-profit that helps vulnerable populations needing health coverage in Indiana.

City Council votes 9-0 in favor of Convention Hotel

Oct 1, 2013

  The downtown convention hotel subsidy saga has finally come to a theatrical finale.

Last night, City Council members unanimously voted in favor of the plan, and their tone was unusually light-hearted.

From the very start of last-night’s meeting, the mood was optimistic across all sides of the room, a far cry from earlier City Council meetings.

City Council President Connie Robinson opened the meeting with laughter, saying "this is a night of democracy."

And Councilman Jonathan Weaver’s vote was no ordinary “aye”, but a "hell yeah."

Vote delayed on convention hotel...again

Sep 24, 2013
Cass Herrington

  A passionate, five hour-long Evansville City Council meeting yielded yet another delay on the convention hotel financing decision Monday evening.

Council members point to the recent private investment of 11.5 million dollars as reason enough to reserve the decision for a special session next week. 

About thirty minutes into the finance committee hearing, Council Attorney Scott Danks asked Mayor Lloyd Winnecke if postponing the decision another week would jeopardize the project.

To this, the Mayor responded:

Experts dissect the Affordable Care Act, insurance plans

Sep 20, 2013

On October 1st, Millions of uninsured Americans will compare health insurance plans, find out if they are eligible for federal help in paying premiums and “shop” in state exchanges. 

The public understanding the new legislation and compliance regulations are constantly changing, as all three guests on this week’s show point out.