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Labels: Immigrants

Jan 23, 2016
Alison Petrash




'“Wetback” “Anchor baby” “Grasshopper”.

These terms are derogatory labels for immigrants who come into the country illegally.

As part of our year-long Labels reporting project, we explored the labels some immigrants often hear and carry, even when those were forced upon them. Through the story of a twelve-year old that crossed the border unaccompanied, we talk about labels that represent danger, we walk you through some immigration processes and we’ll explore through music what these labels represent to those who carry them.


Grand Opening of I-69 Section 4

Dec 30, 2015
Alison Petrash

With holiday travel in full swing, the new Section 4 of the I-69 project opened on December 9, 2015. This now allows one to travel solely on the interstate from Evansville to Bloomington. In this program we examine how I-69 came to be, our coverage of the grand opening ceremony, and discuss what still needs to happen for Indiana's I-69 corridor to be complete.

Demographics of Wealth Program 2: Race

Dec 28, 2015


Trend- Labels: Bully

Dec 4, 2015


Myanmar's recent flood killed and left hundreds with no food, shelter or medical care; the ongoing Syrian war has caused hundreds to seek refuge in international soil; ISIS attacks Paris.

What's our role, and why should we care? 

Paola Marizan,  Samantha Horton and John Gibson discuss with experts and some who were affected by international catastrophes, how the Tri-State is connected.