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A bill to aid toxic cleanup efforts in the city of East Chicago, Indiana, passed unanimously out of a House committee on Wednesday, Feb. 8.

Rep. Earl Harris, Jr. (D-East Chicago), who authored the bill, says the city will need long term assistance to combat its lead contamination crisis.

“There’s a lot of support that’s come on the national level, on the state level, and I want to make sure that this continues,” Harris says. “This is not a short term problem.”


From the facilities that sanitize sewage to the pipes that deliver drinking water, Indiana needs billions of dollars in urgent water infrastructure repairs. Some of that infrastructure is more than a century old.

According to Sen. Ed Charbonneau (R-Valparaiso), Indiana was wooden pipes, lead pipes, pipes that have been in the ground for 140 years.

“The best of the best utilities are on a replacement cycle of something like 140 years,” he says.

Yarn Ball Wisdom

Aug 19, 2014
Steve Burger

Not every institution is made of bricks and steel. Some are less substantial, but just as important.

At East Side Christian Church in Evansville earlier this month, cheers erupted when yarn piece number 12,000 was added to a yarn ball brought by storyteller Susan Fowler.

"I reference it as 'a world of smiles', but really, it's a yarn ball.  Officially, it is a cardboard dodecahedron depicting the earth, with pieces of multi-colored yarn wrapped around it that represent a hope and a positiveness for this earth," says Fowler.