Law & Criminal Justice

The federal government continues to oppose intervention by a group of East Chicago, Indiana, residents, who are asking a U.S. District Court to give them a larger role in the clean up of their lead and arsenic contaminated neighborhood.

The East Chicago residents were first turned down in May by Magistrate Judge Paul Cherry.

He ruled, “This case was closed over two years ago. To allow [the residents] to intervene now…would be highly prejudicial to the parties, who have already negotiated, settled, and obtained judgement in this case.”

The $130 billion merger between Dow and DuPont received conditional federal approval Thursday.

The companies still have to address areas where the Department of Justice says they’ll have too big a market share, but those aren’t the areas that have Indiana farmers worried.

In approving the merger, the DOJ says Dow and DuPont have to relinquish control of a few assets – a chemical plant in Texas for Dow, and two of DuPont’s insecticide and herbicide brands.

Dialing Delay for 812 Area Code

Aug 7, 2014

You won’t have to go to mandatory ten digit dialing in the 812 area code next month after all.

The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission today (Thursday) announced that they’ve put off the ten digit dialing requirement until further notice. In a release, they say the switch was going to create problems for businesses and telecommunications providers, especially those serving medical and Law Enforcement clients.