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Study Committee Discusses Food Deserts, Solutions

Sep 6, 2017

Indiana food deserts were once again the topic of discussion in a legislative study committee Wednesday. It’s the third time lawmakers have discussed the issue in a summer committee – with no results to show for it.

Food deserts are the sole focus for a summer study committee for the first time. Rep. Robin Shackleford (D-Indianapolis) has co-authored legislation for the last three years to address to the lack of health food options in Indiana. She says this time around the message seems to be sinking in.

The Veterans Affairs Secretary earlier this year said the VA needed to hire more than 45,000 positions to reduce wait times and improve care for veterans across the country.

A group of employees who rallied in Indianapolis claim less than 2,000 have been filled.

And organizer Sheila Simon says a recent Veterans of Foreign Wars survey indicates a majority of veterans would still prefer to receive care at the VA.

Report: Indiana Girls Lag Behind In Wellness

Sep 1, 2017

A new report shows Indiana girls lag behind their peers in other states when it comes to health and well-being. The State of Girls report analyzes data for more than 568,000 Hoosier girls.

Activist Rally To Oppose 2018 Federal Budget

Aug 31, 2017

Faith leaders and community activists gathered Wednesday evening to rally against the federal budget soon up for consideration in Congress. The group is worried about deep cuts to federal health care programs.

Members of Congress will return to Washington next week to consider the 2018 budget.  And about 250 people who attended an Indianapolis rally urged them to reject plans to slash health care spending over the next decade. The Rev. Derrick Slack is one of the attendees.

A pregnant woman in prison typically has 48 hours with her baby after it’s born before it’s taken away: an intensely painful experience for the mother and child alike that additionally has the potential to damage the baby’s development.