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Millennials still think of Sanders to decide vote

Sep 27, 2016
Paola Marizan / WNIN

One of the many presidential debate watch parties last evening was held at the University of Southern Indiana with a large  presence of students and faculty. 

Even though the primaries are over the presence of Bernie Sanders loomed large over this gathering.

In the past, the majority of millennials avidly supported Sanders and the sting of his defeat is causing some, like Cody McCormick, to swing their votes to a third party. 

032316: Lugar-Hamilton Discussion at USI

Mar 24, 2016
Adam Smith / WNIN

Tuesday evening, former U.S. Senator Richard Lugar and former Congressman Lee Hamilton took part in a discussion at USI on the subject of civility in politics. USI President Linda Bennett moderated the discussion.

Here is the schedule for broadcast on WNIN Public Television:

3/27/16               12pm on Cable Channel 12

3/30/16               9pm on Cable Channel 12

4/1/16                  3pm on Cable Channel 12

4/2/16                  5pm on 9.1 WNIN PBS