Albert Fink

A car. A tree. A crash. A confession. When Bloomington, Indiana, psychologist Albert Fink crashed his car and admitted to police that he falsified a mental evaluation in a criminal case in 2016, it sent shock waves throughout Indiana and beyond.

Our reporting prompted action at the highest levels of the Indiana court system. We also learned that there is another, much larger potential pool of victims for whom justice remains to be seen.

Financial support for this reporting project came from the Fund for Investigative Journalism.

This compilation outlines the WNIN-Side Effects Public Media investigation into the extensive impact of a single crime by a trusted expert.

A Scar on the System- the rest of the story

Dec 14, 2017
AJ Casey

An investigation that began with a bizarre crash and confession prompts action and change in the Indiana court system. In the next phase, a stonewalling bureaucracy and another potential pool of victims that numbers in the thousands.

A Scar on the System- the 29 cases

Oct 8, 2017
Steve Burger

The year-long WNIN and Side Effects investigation uncovered a list of cases for which Bloomington psychologist Albert Fink is suspected of possibly falsifying mental evaluations. Local courts have closed the case against Fink. However, after we contacted them, officials with the state's highest court have reached out to the defendants in the suspected cases.

Steve Burger

In Indiana, most criminal case mental competency exams are performed in a county jail. Psychologists say that's a bad idea. We went inside the Vanderburgh County Jail to find out how the process works and ran smack into an incident with an aggressive, mentally ill inmate.

One day in August 2016, 83-year-old Albert Fink crashed his 2012 BMW sedan into a tree, on a curve on Indiana State Road 46 just outside of Bloomington.