US born Latinos

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In this episodio we’re going to go back in Cuban history.

Last year, Cuba announced that next month, en Marzo del 2018, they will have elections to choose new members of the National Assembly. See this is historico because after that the new parliament will choose the country’s next president. Raul Castro or the Castro’s for that matter will no longer be in power after six decades of dictatorship.

More Latinos are being born in Indiana

Aug 3, 2016
Paola Marizan / WNIN

The number of Latinos coming from other countries decreased, according to a recent study by the Latino Collaboration Table. 

The increase in numbers of new generation Latinos in the area reflects a shift in population.

Abraham Brown, a leader in the Latino community, says many are surprised that more Latinos are being born in Indiana than Latinos coming from other countries.