Two Main Street

Two Main Street- Tess Amorim

Jul 19, 2018

When Brazilian actress Tess Amorim came back to Evansville to visit her high school friends, David had the chance to chat with this intelligent, warm and funny young talent.

Two Main Street- The Boy Scouts

Jul 12, 2018
Tommy Housman

In this program, David learns our guests' favorite camp meals, what it takes to be an Eagle Scout and the meaning of the Silver Buffalo award.

Two Main Street- 2018 PEF Summer Musical

Jul 5, 2018
Tommy Housman

In this program, David talks with Amy Walker and Terry Becker about the 2018 Public Education Foundation summer musical, Hello Dolly!

Two Main Street- Holly's House

Jun 29, 2018
Steve Burger

It's a serious subject- what local officials are calling an epidemic of child sexual abuse. David talks with the folks from Holly's House.

Two Main Street- The Dream Car Museum

Jun 21, 2018
Steve Burger

What is the number one attraction in Evansville, according to the popular ratings site Trip Advisor? Listen to David discuss cars with the attraction's sp0kesperson, Jason Moore.