Abigail Gipson / WNIN

This episode takes us through a bilingual journey of soccer as a religion and the many definitions of the American dream. 

¿Qué Pasa, MidWest? is a bilingual show full of culture, interesting stories y temas que impactan nuestras comunidades. These topics are designed to be a conversation and a cultural bridge between diverse communities and immigrants seeking their own versions of the ‘American Dream’.

Paola Marizan

You're never too old to learn a new language. At least, that's what a few women who regularly meet to practice Spanish believe. 

When I meet them to record this story, they are reciting random grocery store items, like "el paquete de espinacas congeladas”  (the package of frozen spinach) and "el racimo de uvas" (the grapevine).

Seventy-eight year old Martha Bost says learning Spanish is helping her build familial ties, where her other relatives can't.