Sgt. Jason Cullum

Police: Shooter in deadly spree targeted officers

May 16, 2018
John Gibson

An Evansville man who was killed during a shooting spree may have been mistaken for a police officer. 

Evansville Police released surveillance and body cam video from Friday night’s rampage in the 2400 block of N. Kentucky Avenue.

In one video, a female officer is heard under fire from shooter Barry Freeman – and warning other officers…

 "Guys! Get under cover!"

The officer’s car was riddled with bullets, the windows were shot out, and she narrowly missed being hit.

Another officer attempted to set-up a perimeter…

Man shot by EPD officer was holding fake gun

Apr 20, 2018

Evansville Police say a man shot by an officer was carrying a fake gun. 


Officers were dispatched to a possible rape on Spring Valley Road, off North Green River at about 6:40 Wednesday evening. 

Officers were told by the victim that the suspect was armed with a handgun and had left, but said he would return. 

While officers were on the scene, the suspect did return.

EPD: Domestic violence claimed 3 lives

Feb 13, 2018

Evansville Police say Sunday’s shootings that killed 3 people were acts of domestic violence. 

Police Sgt. Jason Cullum Department said 32-year-old Maygen Sears had obtained a restraining order against her husband, 33-year-old Daniel Sears, and was seeking a divorce.

Cullum said she contacted police the day before the killings about threats he had made, prompting police to look for Daniel Sears on preliminary charges of Intimidation and Invasion of Privacy…

Police: visibility key to Fall Fest security

Oct 4, 2017

Evansville Police are promoting safety at the Fall Festival, while also urging festival-goers to have a good time. 

EPD Sgt. Jason Cullum tells WNIN the security plan at the West Side Nut Club event hasn’t changed since the deadly shooing at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas.

But he says these days, security at the festival includes officers on rooftops…

("Just so they have an overview of the crowd. That helps if we're trying to locate anybody for any reason, which includes persons who are causing problems or a missing kid.")

John Gibson

Evansville Police hope the release of video from Tuesday’s fatal shooting outside the federal building will show the community that the action was justified.