Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood went to federal court to ask a judge to halt portions of Indiana’s new anti-abortion law before it takes effect.

And the judge seemed skeptical of some of the state’s arguments for upholding broad portions of the legislation passed this year.

Planned Parenthood in Indiana and Kentucky named Christie Gillespie as their new president and CEO Tuesday.

Gillespie has worked for 25 years in nonprofit leadership roles, most recently with the United Way.

Her predecessor, Betty Cockrum, will retire at the end of June, after leading Planned Parenthood for 16 years.

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Planned Parenthood wants a court to halt portions of a new Indiana abortion law. It’s the fifth lawsuit over abortion legislation in seven years.

Supporters Press On For Planned Parenthood

Feb 23, 2017


A rally for Planned Parenthood was held at the Indiana Statehouse Thursday. Supporters continue to tout all the health care services provided by the nonprofit, as anti-abortion advocates push to defund the organization.

Public affairs manager for Planned Parenthood Wanda Savala says more people are supporting the group than ever before.

“We’ve seen our donations tick up by factors of 10, we have seen thousands of folks coming in every month and saying I want to stand with Planned Parenthood, tell me how I can help,” Savala says.

Hundreds Rally For And Against Planned Parenthood

Feb 12, 2017

An anti-Planned Parenthood rally in Indianapolis was one of about 200 held across the country this weekend. The rally to defund the women’s reproductive health service and a counter-rally held at the Statehouse were well attended.

In front of a Planned Parenthood clinic on the northwest side of Indianapolis, more than 150 people listened to speakers from anti-abortion groups. They say the federal and state governments should no longer give money to Planned Parenthood.